Spirit Walk

This photography session is to bring you back to yourself. It’s about falling in love with a version of you NOW. Within all of us there is a place of love, fear, vulnerability, and a child who desperately wants to come out and play.

This session is $350 and includes 2 hours and an online gallery with your images. Throughout the process we’ll be having a lot of deep conversation, possibly some tears, and tons of fun! This session is known to be very healing, grounding, magical, and purely authentic. No age limit on this session.

It’s time to take off the masks and labels of what others told you to be or who you are. These are filters that aren’t yours that were placed on you. So let’s go into the wild, find your true self, and welcome back your spirit.


Intuitive Card Reading

Connect to your Intuition, Higher-Self, and Guides through this intuitive card reading. With the help from oracle cards, Cassie will help get you clarify specific questions, situations, and insight on what you’re needing guidance on. Subjects include life purpose, career changes, changes you may be going through, how to navigate difficult times, action steps you need for your highest life’s purpose, and other guidance on health & healing

Two options:
$25 for 30 minute reading either over the phone or video call.
$45 for 60 minute reading either over the phone or video call.